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Pentair Pool Pump Upgrade

It’s Time to Consider a Pentair Pool Pump Upgrade

It may not sound sexy, but if you have an inground swimming pool, it is noteworthy that over time, your pool pump becomes less and less efficient. As a result, this will certainly cost you more money. That’s one of the reasons why here at Woodfield Outdoors, we think it’s time for all of our clients to consider a Pentair pool pump upgrade. If you have a single speed pool pump, now is the time to upgrade to a variable speed Pentair pool pump. Pentair is one of the top manufacturers of pool pumps. We use them in all of our pool installations.

Why You Need a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Variable speed pool pumps are the future. Already, the California Energy Commission (CEC) requires all inground swimming pools to use a variable speed pool pump as opposed to single speed. Several states have already adopted the California standards. And if all goes according to plan, the U.S. Department of Energy will require mandatory variable speed pool pumps for every pool owner in the United States, starting in the year 2021.

Pentair Pool Pump

The reasons for the new energy efficiency standards and the benefits to you are numerous.

  • A variable speed pool pump can save up to 80% of the electricity over what a single speed pool pump uses to circulate and filter your pool water.
  • Variable speed pumps therefore cost less to run.
  • Variable speed pool pumps are more durable.
  • Pentair variable speed pool pumps are easy to install and program.
  • Pentair pool pumps offer quiet operation.

Additional Savings

If you upgrade to a variable speed Pentair pool pump from your single speed pool pump, you can save you up to $350 a year on energy costs. PLUS there are additional rebates up to $400 for your purchase. See BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program for details!

Not sure if you have a single speed pump or a variable speed pool pump? You can ask your pool care company or pool installation company. Chances are, if your pool is more than 5 years old, it is likely to have a single speed pump. Want to see how much money you can save by upgrading to a variable speed Pentair pool pump? Check out this variable speed pool pump savings calculator.

Upgrading to a variable speed Pentair pool pump will save you money on your electric bill. Likewise, this will certainly help save the planet. Switching out pool pumps is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed pretty much any time of year. Start off the 2019 pool season right with an energy efficient variable speed pool pump from Pentair.

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