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Custom Patio Design to Define Outdoor Spaces

At Woodfield we strive to incorporate interior design techniques into existing landscapes to create outdoor rooms with a custom patio design that are as beautiful and functional as the indoor spaces of our clients homes. Light fixtures, furniture, decorative accents, and functional elements like kitchen equipment and fire pits all enhance our outdoor living spaces to give them the same comfort and style as our indoor spaces.

But perhaps it is the stone beneath your feet that offers the most powerful impact on your patio space.  Paver patterns and patio designs are a stylish and durable method of reinforcing the “room” concept in your outdoor living space.  The idea dates from ancient times; mosaic floors were a common feature of private homes and public buildings across the Roman empire and the many beautiful examples of existing mosaics found from Africa to Ireland are a testament to the enduring beauty of quality materials paired with skilled craftsmanship.  As you plan your outdoor living space with the help of your Woodfield designer, consider incorporating custom patio rugs into your design.


An iconic picture of home: a grouping of furniture nestled over an area rug in front of a welcoming fireplace.  This can be achieved in your outdoor space by varying paver tone, texture, and shape into an integrated design that mimics this look and shows off your outdoor fireplace.


Your outdoor space is meant to serve a number of purposes: a space for entertaining; an outdoor kitchen to prepare delicious meals; a peaceful oasis.  Just as indoor flooring changes when you step from one room to another, changes in patio material, or simple adjustments to the laying pattern can help to designate the separate areas of your outdoor living space.  Borders and banding help to break up a large patio space, using varying thickness and contrasting color to create a contrasting border to help separate individual areas.

Additionally, vertical features can be integrated; seat walls, pillars, and water features installed at differing heights are both functional and beautiful.  And of course, natural elements like shrubs and garden beds are essential to the unique experience of outdoor living.


Decorative inlays can be installed to served as “area rugs” for the space in front of an outdoor fireplace or underneath where an outdoor dining table, or can serve as focal points in unfinished spaces.  Natural stone inlays last forever with some basic maintenance and are an elegant addition to a polished outdoor space.


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