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First Impressions: Landscape Design in Maryland

Everyone wants to make a good first impression.  It is during those crucial first few seconds within meeting someone, we play up our positive attributes and control some of our annoying or negative quirks. That initial image we give off is what often sticks outs and is remembered by others.  The same concept holds true when speaking about landscape design in Maryland.

From a real estate perspective, a good first impression, aka “curb appeal” is about using your landscape to enhance the appearance of your home.  Does your landscape design match the style of your homes architecture?  Does it fit in with the other homes in the neighborhood?  The landscape of a house is like the neatly pressed suit and tie worn during an interview that separates the best from the rest.  And not paying attention to your landscape can actually detract from the true value of your home.

Ways to enhance your Landscape Design in Maryland

It is pretty easy to do many of these things yourself, but perhaps your front yard is devoid of plants and eye-catching features.  You may consider planting a tree as a focal point, installing a trickling fountain, or even building a patio.  In addition to these memorable details, it is important to use color to attract and focus attention on positive attributes of the landscape.  This not only requires planning, but you may need a landscaping company to see the design through.

  • Neatly mowed lawn
  • Debris free, clean walkway, and entryways
  • Trimmed shrubbery
  • Providing a focal point
  • Colored plants and flowers

Don’t underestimate curb appeal

Having good curb appeal makes selling your house easier, as potential buyers are looking for an aesthetically pleasing home.  But don’t brush off having curb appeal even if you are not putting your house on the market.  An attractive landscape design is always important!

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