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How to Pick the Perfect Fiberglass Pool and Spa

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get a fiberglass pool and spa installed in your back yard. Congratulations! You are well on your way to creating a beautiful outdoor oasis that you, your friends, and family can enjoy for years to come.

But how do you pick the perfect fiberglass pool and spa? There are a number of factors to consider, including:

1.   The Size of Your Space

The first consideration is just how much space you have to install a fiberglass pool and spa. Do you have a large property or a small backyard? There’s a pool for that. Consider how close to your home the pool will be, and whether you want your patio to surround the pool.

Are you planning to create a sophisticated outdoor living space with the pool as a centerpiece? The size of your pool will be contingent on the original space, and what else you want to surround it.

2.   What You Will Use the Pool For

Is anyone in your family looking to swim laps?  Or is your family more of a quick dip in the pool sort, or do you want to play games of Marco Polo? Do you want a pool slide? Is a tanning ledge essential? Different uses may dictate which pool design is best for you.

3.   Shape and Design

For lap swimming, you will want a pool at least 30” long. For family games and a quick dip, the pool can be smaller, or just as large, but with lots of curves. The size and shape of your backyard may also factor into the shape and design of your pool and spa.

4.   Landscaping and the Pool Surround

Don’t let landscaping and the pool surround be an afterthought. We’ve seen a ton of quickie pool installation jobs where the homeowner was left with a bunch of piles of dirt. Not attractive!

You need to think about landscaping and the area surrounding the pool when you’re choosing the pool design. How much patio space do you want? Do you have or plan to guild an outdoor kitchen? Consider if you can plant large plants to create more privacy in the pool area. Or do you want a strip of grass for the kids to run around in? Planning ahead ensures you are happy with the outcome.

Look at the Fiberglass Pool and Spa Manufacturer Websites

Not all fiberglass pool and spa combos are created equal. Here at Woodfield, we only install San Juan fiberglass pools and spas. That’s because they are a leader in the industry, and have revolutionized the industry since they opened for business in 1958.

Take a look at the different sizes and shapes available. Based on the space you have available, and your budget, you should be able to decide on the perfect fiberglass pool and spa to be installed. You may want to choose similar setups from two different manufacturers, as most pool contractors only install one brand.

Hire a Dependable Maryland Fiberglass Pool and Spa Installer

Once you’ve settled on the general size and shape of the pool you want, and you’ve researched the manufacturers, it’s time to hire a fiberglass pool and spa installer. Read one of our blogs from earlier this year for more details on selecting the right pool contractor.

A great contractor can help get your fiberglass swimming pool installed in a timely manner and has few issues. Consider hiring a contractor who can also install a patio and landscaping to create a fully complete backyard paradise. A less reputable contractor may do a shoddy installation job that has issues in the future. And they may go out of business as a result, leaving you high and dry.

If you need inspiration, check out our Portfolio page for some ideas. And you can always contact us with questions, or to set up a consultation.

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