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Landscaping: Looking at the Big Picture

What is landscaping?

It’s more than just mulching around trees, planting new shrubs and mowing the lawn. Landscaping has a goal of improving appearance and functionality of a current landscape by adding or changing its features, layout, vegetation and many other aspects.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? So what’s the purpose?

As a Maryland landscaping company, this is what we hear from our clients who seek help of landscape contractors: it looks so much nicer! The aesthetics and the curb appeal are a few of the key benefits of landscaping. You will have a better chance selling a home with a well-maintained front lawn than one overgrown with weeds.

So what goes into landscaping?

Like we mentioned before, landscaping is more than planting hydrangeas next to your mailbox. There are many other aspects that go into making your front lawn and backyard both beautiful and functional.


Is the pathway from your front door to your driveway clearly defined and unobstructed? Potholes, cracks, sharp edges and narrow paths framed by prickly bushes don’t make for an inviting exterior. Consider resurfacing your driveway and adding more walkways to connect points of interest, such as your back door, patio, pool, outdoor kitchen, etc. Make it easy for your family members to run out barefoot and to find their way around the property.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls can be purely decorative or structurally necessary. They are especially handy if you want to create a flat area for a patio, a grill station, a fire pit or some other outdoor project. Besides supporting the slope, they provide shade and privacy.


Our Maryland landscaping company has built many patios for our customers who were looking to expand their outdoor living areas. A patio can be used for entertaining, relaxing, cooking and many other things. It’s important to keep the balance between landscape and hardscape to make sure you don’t turn your green backyard into a concrete jungle. At Woodfield Landscaping, we can help you plan your patio layout and leave enough green areas and smooth transitions to maintain a balance.

Water features

You can choose to decorate your landscape with a water feature, such as a pond, a waterfall, a fountain or something else.  It can be as small or as big as you wish and can serve as a focal point of your landscape. Installing a water feature is easier than you think and the maintenance is minimal as well.


Don’t forget about the lights or “nightscaping” as some people in the industry refer to it. Strategic placement of lights will help bring your landscape to live after the sunset. Another important bonus is safety. Lights can be used to illuminate pathways and driveways to help you navigate easier at night, so running out to your car won’t result in a twisted ankle.

Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces

If you live in Maryland, you can enjoy the outdoors pretty much all year around. Summer is perfect for pool parties, spring and fall are cool enough for grilling and barbequing, and winter nights can be spent around a cozy fire. Equipping your outdoor space with a kitchen, a bar, or a fireplace is a great option for Maryland residents.

As you can see, landscaping is a complex matter that can completely transform your property. Of course, trees, plants and other vegetation play important role as well. Carefully chosen plants won’t only add beauty to your yard and fill the air with marvelous scents, but can also help control erosion, provide shade and privacy.

Contact Woodfield Landscaping if you need help planning landscape design for your Maryland property.

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