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Can dogs swim in pools

During the Dog Days of Summer, Can Dogs Swim in Pools?

Pool time is fun time. Many pool owners are also dog owners, and so the question comes up, “Can dogs swim in pools?” It depends on you and your dog. Some breeds LOVE to swim. Others, not so much.

There are several things to take into consideration before deciding if you should let your dog swim in the pool. Some of these have to do with your dog’s health and safety, while others have to do with potential damage to your inground pool.

The Safety and Cleanliness of Your Pool

If you have a concrete pool or fiberglass pool, you should be safe letting your dog swim in your inground pool. However, if you have a vinyl pool with a liner, you should have a “No Dogs Allowed” policy. That’s because your dog’s claws can very easily puncture or tear the lining, which can result in needing to replace the liner.

Your inground pool has a pool filter designed to trap hair and other debris. This includes dog hair. If you let your dog swim in your pool, you will have to clean or backwash the filter more often. You can also use a pool skimmer to remove dog hair. You may also want to use your pool vacuum or automatic pool cleaner more often. But you definitely can let dogs swim in your inground pool.

Can Dogs Swim in Pools? It’s All About Fifi or Fido’s Safety

OK, so does anyone still name their dog Fido? No matter what your dog’s name, it’s your furbaby and you want to protect it. If you decide to let your dog swim in your pool, follow these tips from the American Kennel Club for pet safety:

  • Never throw your dog in the water.
  • Don’t force your dog into the water. You can use a toy to coax him or her.
  • Don’t let your dog drink chlorinated water. Keep a dog water bowl nearby.
  • Rinse the chlorine off your dog and dry the ears with a towel to prevent ear infections.
  • If you have steps, teach your dog to use them to get in and out of the pool.
  • If you don’t have steps, provide a dog pool ramp or dog ladder for your pool to help your dog get in and out, if they are too large for you to lift out of the water.

So if you want to let your dog in the pool, it’s generally safe, as long as you’re prepared to do some extra pool maintenance. And just like your kids, don’t let your dog into the pool area unsupervised. Even though they are strong swimmers, dogs can drown, too. But to answer your question, “can dogs swim in pools?”— that’s a resounding yes!

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