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Variable Speed Pool Pump

Upgrade to a Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump and Get Cash Back!

Did you know that aside from your heating and cooling systems, that a standard single-speed pool pump is the second-largest energy-using item in a pool owner’s home? It’s true. Keeping an old pool pump running can cost you as much as $550 in energy costs every year. But newer, variable speed pool pumps can save energy, which of course saves you money.

According to ENERGY STAR®:

  • An ENERGY STAR® rated variable speed pump (VSP) uses up to 65% less energy than single-speed pumps.
  • You could save up to $445 a year by installing a variable speed pump.

Sound good? We thought so. But wait! There’s more! Your new variable speed pump may qualify for rebates.

Rebates Available

You can help offset the cost of a new energy-efficient variable speed pool pump, or just get a little extra cash by applying for rebates. Pentair and BG&E are both offering rebates for qualifying pool pumps.

Pentair Pool Pump Rebates

The Pentair rebates are only available for a short time longer. You must purchase your variable speed pool pump by September 30, 2021, to qualify. The IntelliFlo® line of pumps is eligible for a $100 rebate, while the SuperFlo® line is eligible for a $50 rebate. Visit the Pentair Rebates page to learn more.

BG&E Energy Star® Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebates

BG&E is offering up to a $400 rebate for an Energy Star® Variable Speed Pool Pump installed before December 31, 2021. This is the last year that BG&E is offering rebates on pool pumps. When determining if your Pentair VSP pump meets BG&E’s requirements, cross-reference the product number listed on the BG&E page with the product numbers on the Pentair site.

Most IntelliFlo® and SuperFlo® pumps are eligible for both rebates, meaning you could get up to $500 cashback depending on which pump you choose to install. You save on energy costs, and by acting now, you can get cashback! It’s a win-win.

While we’re focusing today on energy usage and cost savings, there’s another benefit to installing a variable speed pool pump – they’re amazingly quiet. At Woodfield, we install Pentair pool pumps, and we recommend that all of our clients get a VSP pump.

Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

Get a quote today on switching out your old pool pump for a Pentair variable speed pool pump. You may notice a change in your electric bill sooner than you think! And if you’re looking to get a new inground pool installed this fall or winter, you can schedule a free consultation.

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