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Salt Water Pool System

Salt Water Pools: What You Need to Know

Salt water pools are becoming increasingly popular as backyard swimming pools. If you’re considering installing a new inground pool, you’ll want to consider a saltwater pool system; it’s another option for keeping your pool clean and sanitary. 

Today’s blog will discuss the pros and cons of a salt water pool vs. a chlorine pool. First, you need to know how a salt water pool works. A saltwater pool still uses chlorine, but in a different way. Instead of adding chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine as you would to a traditional chlorine pool, a saltwater pool uses a unique piece of equipment called a salt chlorine generator to turn salt into chlorine.

You can use a salt chlorine generator in fiberglass or concrete pools if the concrete pool is tile lined. Salt is corrosive and would damage a plaster pool’s interior. 

Benefits of Salt Water Pools

There are a lot of benefits to a salt water pool, including the following:

  • Little-to-no chlorine smell
  • Pool water feels softer, like the ocean
  • No skin irritation
  • Less eye irritation
  • Easier on swimsuits
  • No need to store dangerous chlorine at home
  • More straightforward to maintain pool water balance
  • The lower annual cost of chemicals
  • No need to worry about a shortage of salt

That all sounds great, right? But before you decide, read about the cons of a saltwater pool.

Disadvantages of Salt Water Pools

As with anything in life, saltwater pools have some negatives. You’ll have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons, which include:

  • The higher upfront cost for a saltwater chlorine generator
  • Requires replacement of salt-chlorinator electrode cell every 3-7 years
  • Requires regular cleaning of salt cell
  • Can corrode metal in the pool
  • Need to test water chlorine levels more often

With higher upfront fees but lower annual ones, a saltwater pool costs about the same to maintain over multiple years as a traditional chlorine pool.

If you’re not ready to make your new inground pool a saltwater pool, changing your mind is OK. Replacing your chlorine system with a saltwater pool system is a relatively easy pool upgrade called a salt water pool conversion. 

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