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Keep Your Pool and Spa Open Long Past Labor Day with a Pool Heater

Just because public and private pools close up shop after Labor Day weekend doesn’t mean you as a pool owner need to think about closing your pool anytime soon. In fact, if you add a pool heater and a spa heater, you can enjoy your pool long past Labor Day, especially if the weather cooperates. For instance, Baltimore weather in October 2021 was especially balmy. The daytime temperatures stayed in the low 80s and upper 70s into the middle of October.

We recommend that our pool installation clients install a pool heater at the time we build their pool. But you can also get a pool heater installed during pool repairs and renovations. We highly recommend Pentair pool heaters and heat pumps.

There are several reasons you might want to heat your pool, including:

  • You want to extend swimming pool season from the early spring to late Fall.
  • You like to use the pool early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is not warming the water naturally.
  • You want to increase the value of your pool.

Whatever your reasons, for things to work out well, you need to select the right pool heater or heat pump for your pool and spa.

Pool Heaters and Pool Heat Pumps: What’s the Difference?

Both products heat your pool, but in different ways, using a different source. Let’s take a look.

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool heaters run on propane or natural gas. They operate by passing pool water through a combustion chamber that burns the gas and warms the heat exchanger. The water passes through the heat exchanger before returning to the pool.

While they are quick to heat your pool and spa, gas pool heaters can be more expensive to run due to the higher price of natural gas and propane.

Electric Heat Pumps

A pool heat pump uses electricity to run. But instead of generating heat, it uses warm air to heat up pool water that passes through the pump. It’s the same technology that air conditioners and refrigerators use to remove heat. But with the pool heat pump, it circulates the heat back through.

A pool heat pump generally has a lower operating cost than a gas heater.

Hybrid Pool Heaters

Something relatively new on the market when it comes to heating your pool and spa is a hybrid pool heater. It combines a heat pump with a gas-fired heater. You get quick heating from the natural gas or propane with the efficiency of the electric heat pump. The heater determines the fastest and most economical way to heat your pool based on user input, current water temperature, and time period.

Which Pool Heater Is Right for You?

You will want to consult with a pool professional to help you run the numbers. Which heater is right for you depends on the size of your pool and spa, whether you have natural gas, your budget constraints, and more.

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Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

We install pool heaters and heat pumps with new pool installation, as well as during pool repair and renovations. We work with homeowners throughout the Baltimore area, including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Harford County, and Howard County. Schedule a call today.

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