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Make Customers’ Backyards Stand Out

The conference room at Woodfield Landscaping in Fallston, Maryland, is where clients experience their first “wow” and realize the potential of their properties if they move forward with a new landscape plan. There’s a sizeable table and it’s a comfortable space at the headquarters. But the most compelling part is the flat-screen television mounted to the wall. The lights dim and clients look up. They see pictures of their yard as it is. One after the next, President Peter Curro moves through a deck of images that he and his crew collect before the meeting.

“When they come in to our office and see their backyard up on the screen, that makes a world of difference,” says Curro, who started the business in 1990 after nearly two decades growing a career at a local nursery. “I always wanted to be in design/build landscape. It’s what I always had in the back of my mind.”

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