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How to Create Outdoor Rooms You’ll Love to Spend Time In

If your home is your castle, then your outdoor living space is like the palace grounds. It should reflect your aesthetic. If you’ve been daydreaming this winter about entertaining next summer without the threat of a pandemic, you’re not alone. We’re thinking about all of the cool and elegant outdoor rooms we can design and build come springtime as well. Many of our clients have similar visions – they want to create outdoor rooms where the family can gather, and friends can socialize. Some of your options include:

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen continues to be one of the most popular outdoor rooms for our clients across Maryland. It’s the most popular outdoor addition nationwide, actually. From a smaller outdoor kitchen to one that rivals your indoor kitchen, we can deliver unique and sophisticated designs.

Options include a gas grill, granite countertops, cabinets, wine refrigerator, outdoor sink, outdoor fireplace, outdoor home bar, a pergola or pavilion to add shelter, and much more.

Outdoor Living Room

To create outdoor rooms that work as a living room is more than just a bunch of outdoor furniture on your patio. With built-in seating, retaining walls, planters, custom patio design, outdoor lighting, and a pergola, you can create an elegant or cozy outdoor living room – it all depends on the look and feel you want. Or create both with two different seating arrangements.

Be sure to include a fire pit in one of your outdoor seating areas to offer warmth during chilly spring evenings.

Outdoor Dining Room

Your outdoor dining room deserves to be more than just a patio table and some chairs. Create a spectacular dining area with outdoor flooring, a pergola with romantic string lights, possibly a chandelier, a web bar, and more. Consider situating your dining table perpendicular to your outdoor fireplace, so everyone has a view of the roaring fire.

Pool Paradise

While not technically a room, your inground pool area will get just as much (or more) traffic as your outdoor kitchen. In addition to lounge chairs, add some comfortable seating poolside for folks who don’t plan to get in the pool, but who want to socialize.

Make this year the year you add a pool house or outdoor shower (or both.)

Private Garden

Another popular option is to create an outdoor room with a private garden. Consider tall hedges or a garden wall to screen off a hidden garden area. A meandering walkway can lead up to the garden. Think about installing an arbor covered in vines at the entry to your private garden. Fill it up with your favorite flowers and shrubs, and add a water feature for a soothing touch.

Or create a Zen garden where you can meditate. Even if you don’t meditate, such a garden can be very soothing.

Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Use these colder winter months to dream up your outdoor oasis. Get inspiration from our Portfolio page and Pinterest, Then, schedule a consultation with our design team. With your saved images and our expertise, we can design and build your backyard paradise.

Whether you’re starting from scratch at a new home, or upgrading your outdoor living space, we can help. From the design phase to the final walkthrough, our team of professionals offers an exceptional experience.

Schedule a consultation now, so you can take full advantage of your outdoor living space with the first hints of warmer weather. We work with discerning homeowners throughout northern Maryland.

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