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Top Reasons to Hire Pool Care Pros to Close Your Inground Pool 

In last week’s blog, we went over when and how to close an inground pool. You can do it yourself, but it takes a lot of time and effort. That’s especially true if you’ve never done it before, or you’re not particularly handy. This week, we’re taking a look at the top reasons it makes sense to hire pool care pros to do the job.

  1. Pool Maintenance Pros Know How to Do It Right

You hire a mechanic to fix your car. You hire an appliance repair company to fix your washing machine. You may even hire a cleaning lady to clean your house. Why? Because they have the expertise to do the job and do it better and faster than you could by attempting a DIY job.

Ultimately, the top reason to hire pool care pros to close your pool is expertise. We’ve closed so many inground pools over the years that we’ve lost count. Some of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years, and trust us to do the job right, every time.

  1. Pros Have the Needed Tools and Chemical Supplies

Rather than trying to track down all of the pool chemicals you need for pool closing and winterizing, if you hire pool care pros, they provide the chemicals. They also have all of the necessary tools to disassemble pool systems and accessories. 

And pool professionals have the order of things down pat. When to clean, when to shock, when to drain the plumbing lines, etc.

  1. A Pool Care Company Can Make Needed Repairs

Sometimes at pool closing, you discover a problem with a pool pump or notice a crack in your pool that you hadn’t noticed before. A pool care company like Woodfield checks to make sure all pool equipment is fully operational before winterizing your pool. We can also perform needed pool repairs and full-scale renovations. 

Making repairs in the fall means when spring rolls around, everything is ready to go. In addition, repairing cracks in the fall prevents them from being affected by harsh winter weather.

The bottom line? Closing and winterizing an inground pool is a specialty. It’s easy to get it wrong. Protect your investment and hire pool care professionals. You’ll be glad you did.


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Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

At Woodfield, we know pools – from design and installation to all things pool maintenance. If you want to protect your investment in your inground pool and have better things to do with your time than spend hours on closing your pool, we can help. Sign up for a pool closing and pool opening package today.

We’ll close and winterize your pool this fall, and then open your pool for you come springtime. You don’t have to lift a finger! We serve homeowners in the Baltimore region including Baltimore City and County, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Cecil, Harford, and Howard counties.

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