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Outdoor Fire Pit Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water

If you’re one of the many people who loves outdoor entertaining, the smell of a wood fire and the fun that comes with cooking over an open fire, then you’re going to want to check out some of our favorite outdoor fire pit recipes. You’ll probably want a grill grate for these. A Few grilling forks or skewers will come in handy, too. If you can cook it on the grill or out camping, you can cook it on your fire pit.

Don’t have a fire pit yet? You need to get on that, a built in fire pit adds ambience, warmth and the feel of a campfire to your patio or back yard. And a fire pit extends the time you can spend outdoors. There are countless designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style, from streamlined and modern to rustic and cozy.

Our favorite fire pit recipes are a little heavy on the dessert side, but hey! Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?

Traditional S’mores Recipe

M’mm good. You don’t have to be a Girl Scout to love s’mores. The classic recipe just needs a few ingredients – honey graham crackers, large marshmallows and Hershey’s milk chocolate bars.

Campfire Cones

If the kids (or kids at heart) want to individualize their dessert, these campfire cones are a great solution. No ice cream needed, just lots of tasty toppings to stuff into the cone, wrap in foil, and let the heat of the fire pit make it magic.

Hot Quick Banana Boats

Pull out the aluminum foil to protect your fire pit. These banana boats are another backyard campout classic. Simple and delicious, with just 4 ingredients.

Backyard Campfire Kabobs

If you can cook desert on your fire pit, you can cook dinner, too! Campfire kabobs have enough veggies to please any adult palate. You can cook veggies on one skewer and the meat on another skewer if you have some picky eaters in the crowd.

Grilled Fruit Kabobs

If you’ve never had grilled fruit, you’ve been missing out. The sugar from the fruit caramelizes, creating a taste sensation. Serve with or without ice cream, depending on if you’re doing the grilled fruit kabobs as a side dish or a dessert. If the particular fruit in this recipe is not in season, you can always go for grilled pineapple.

Get creative and create your own fire pit recipes! Bon Appetit!

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