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Top Factors to Consider Before Putting in an Inground Pool

So, you’re starting to think about putting in an inground pool in your backyard. Congratulations! An inground pool is something you and your family will enjoy for years to come, especially if you do your homework. It pays to be well-informed before you take the plunge.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of the 5 top factors you may want to consider before you move forward. We’ve put these factors into the form of questions you should ask yourself. Based on the answers, you’ll have a path forward.

Let’s get started.

Factor 1: What Is Your Budget and How Will You Finance Your Pool Installation?

We begin with a very practical matter. What is your budget? The answer to this will determine everything else about your inground pool installation. Do your research into how much an inground pool typically costs, and decide how you will finance it.

Don’t forget to factor in associated costs such as a tanning ledge, pool slide, spa, pool decking, landscaping, etc. 


Factor 2: Do You Want a Concrete or Fiberglass Pool?

The material your inground pool is made of can go hand-in-hand with your budget. You’ll need to decide if you want a fiberglass pool or a custom concrete/gunite pool. A fiberglass pool or pool and spa combo will be manufactured in a factory. This means you will have to choose from specified shapes and sizes. A gunite pool is completely customizable as far as shape, size, stairs, tile, finish, etc. 

In general, a fiberglass pool will cost less and will take less time to install. A custom concrete pool will take longer to install and will cost more. You have to choose between the types of inground pools before you go any further.


Factor 3: How Big Do You Want Your Pool to Be?

Next, you need to decide how big you want your pool to be. If you have a large family and a large yard, you may want a bigger pool. Or you may have a smaller yard that dictates the size of your pool. Remember to take into account that you may still want to have a grassy space for the kids to play. And you will want room for your patio. You don’t want the pool to take up your entire yard.

You may also want to consider that getting a slightly smaller pool leaves room in your budget for some of the extras you want.

Factor 4: What Shape Pool Do You Want?

What shape you want your pool to be is mainly an aesthetic consideration. Do you want a classic and more formal rectangle pool? Or do you want a relaxed, free-form pool? Once you’ve decided on the type of pool and how big you want it to be, the shape is the next thing to consider.

Factor 5: How Do You Find the Right Pool Builder?

To get the inground pool of your dreams, it’s important to hire the right pool builder. You want one who shares your vision, has experience with your type of pool, and has a lot of satisfied customers. How do you find this pool builder?

Again, by doing your homework. Ask friends, neighbors, and coworkers who put in their pool. Are they happy with the pool and the company that did the work? Is there any pool contractor you should steer clear of? Get a list of names and start looking into the companies.

Check their reviews and their websites. Do they do the work you have in mind? Do their clients love them? If you’re considering expanding or replacing your patio or upgrading your landscaping at the same time, you may want to work with an outdoor living company that does it all. This will save you the headache and cost of hiring several different contractors.

Be sure to consult with several companies, and select the one that shares your vision and comes up with an overall plan that works for you. It won’t be long before your first pool party!

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