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Why a Covered Outdoor Kitchen is a Smart Choice

If you already have an outdoor kitchen, or you’re thinking about getting one installed, you have a lot of questions. One of them may be: Does an outdoor kitchen need to be covered? The answer is no, not necessarily. But the real question to ask yourself is this. If I’m investing in a custom outdoor kitchen, why wouldn’t I protect my investment and cover it?

Today we’re going to look at why a covered outdoor kitchen is a smart choice.

1. You Can Use Your Outdoor Kitchen in All Sorts of Weather

With a permanent cover like a pavilion, you can use your covered outdoor kitchen in all sorts of weather. It could be raining or even snowing, and you’re protected from the elements. And in the summertime, you have a shady spot to get your grill on. Temporary covers like awnings or canopies are OK for summer, but keep in mind they should be at least 8 feet above your head.

2. You Can Install Overhead Lighting and a Ceiling Fan

If you get a permanent cover, your contractor can wire the pergola or pavilion for electricity. This expands your options beyond string lights or outdoor lights attached to your home. You can install a chandelier over your outdoor dining area, pendant lighting in the kitchen, and a ceiling fan overhead. You’ll love that fan on hot summer days.

3. You Protect Your Investment

While a high-quality outdoor kitchen is built to withstand harsh weather (granite countertops, stainless steel cabinets and appliances), you’ll protect your investment from the elements for longer with a cover over it. The sun’s rays can fade more than patio cushions. You ‘ll likely still want to use a grill cover if a big snowstorm is on the way or you won’t be using your kitchen for a while.

4. You Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

More and more homebuyers are giving preference to homes with upscale outdoor living areas. A nice patio is a plus, but a covered outdoor kitchen brings a definite Wow! Factor to your home. Given the choice between your home with the custom covered outdoor kitchen and the house down the block with just a patio and a grill on wheels, your home is going to sell for 2% more, based on recent research by Zillow.

If you’re investing in a custom outdoor kitchen, you plan to use it for years to come. But it’s good to know that if you ever do move, you made a smart choice.

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