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Grilling in Winter

Winter Grilling Tips You Can Use

Just because it’s cold and/or snowy outside doesn’t mean you have to stop grilling. Shovel a path to the grill! Light up the fire pit or fireplace to help keep warm or use a portable patio heater. Or just do it the old-fashioned way and bundle up! Winter grilling is possible with the right tools. 

Winters don’t get too harsh here in Maryland, but a lot of people abandon their grill until the weather warms up in springtime. We’re here to tell you, you’re missing out. Our friends to the north grill all winter long, and you can too. You just maybe need to do a few things differently.

We’ve put together some winter grilling tips you can use during the cold and snowy months.

1. Get a Good Grill Cover

If you don’t already have a quality, heavy-duty grill cover, go out and get one. Not one of the cheap plastic things, because they’ll crack in cold weather. This will protect your grill and keep it in good operating order. And of course, only put the cover on after the grill has cooled thoroughly.

2. Bundle Up

Prepare yourself for the cold outside, and bundle up in a jacket and hat. You may need to stay outside longer than you think and will be glad for the extra warmth.

3. Give the Grill Extra Warmup Time

We’re talking about gas grills here. If you’re cooking with a smoker or over charcoal, move on to the next tip. Because of the colder temperatures, it will take longer for your propane gas grill to get to the temperature you want, so give yourself extra time for that. 

Pro tip: Have a spare propane tank on hand, that you filled up at the end of summer. This way, if your grill runs out of gas, it’s an easy switch of the tanks.

4. Keep the Grill Closed as Much as Possible

Your grill is already working harder and burning more fuel than it does in the summertime. Help maintain the proper winter grilling temperature by leaving the grill closed and not letting cold air in. Keep the recipes that call for basting every five minutes for the summertime. 

5. Microwave a Serving Platter

Before you take things off the grill, microwave a serving platter for about a minute. Leave it inside until you’re ready to take things off the grill. This will help keep the grilled food from cooling off right away. Then get it inside as quickly as possible.

6. Lighting It Up

Your grill should ideally be lit up by your outdoor lighting, but if that’s not enough, consider investing in a headlamp so you can see what you’re doing in the dark months of winter.

7. Enjoy the Food

Lastly, enjoy the meal. Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook food, and it tastes great!

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