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When to Close Your Inground Pool

Labor Day has come and gone. Does that mean you should close your inground pool? Well, it depends. There is no hard and fast rule on exactly when you should close your inground pool. In general, you want to ask yourself several things.

1.   Are You Still Using the Pool?

If no one in your family has dipped a toe in your inground pool for weeks, maybe you should close it. But there are other things to consider. Temperature is a factor. (See #2 below.) Closing the pool will save on your utility bills. It will also keep debris out of the pool. (See #3 below.)

2.   What Are the Temperatures Like?

If the daytime temperatures don’t get out of the 60s for days on end, that’s a cue to think about closing your inground pool. In Maryland, this is generally somewhere in September to as late as early November. If you have a pool heater and you’re actively using the pool, you can close a little later. But whatever you do, don’t wait for freezing temperatures.

You also don’t want to close your pool while it is too warm, as that will encourage algae growth. The water temperature should be consistently below 65 degrees before you close the pool.

3.   Are the Trees Dumping in More Debris Than You Want?

Depending on what sort of trees you have near your pool, and how windy it has been, you may have a ton of floating debris in your inground pool. Deciduous trees, fruit trees, and evergreens can all cause problems for your pool once September hits.

If you’re tired of skimming leaves, pine cones, needles, and twigs out of your pool, consider closing it for the winter.

4.   DIY or Hire a Pool Maintenance Company?

We have to say we’re biased. We suggest hiring a pool maintenance company to close and winterize your inground pool. Correctly closing your pool takes a lot of time, and takes several steps. Skipping a step or messing something up can damage your pool or plumbing fixtures. You have better things to do with your time. And by hiring the pros, you’re protecting your investment.

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