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Outdoor Fireplace

What’s Your Outdoor Fireplace Style?

If you love your indoor fireplace, consider adding an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor living area. It’s a great idea to increase the time you can spend outdoors relaxing or entertaining. 

As outdoor fireplaces increase in popularity, the design style, special features, materials, and fuel source options are also increasing. Here are some top considerations and questions to ask yourself to determine your outdoor fireplace style.

Outdoor Fireplace Design

The first question to ask yourself about your outdoor fireplace design is: How big should it be? If you have an expansive backyard, you might choose a larger design. But that same design would look massive in a smaller backyard. While you want the fireplace to be a focal point, you don’t want it to dwarf everything else.

Do you want a square or rectangular fireplace? Or do you want a long, linear fireplace? Should the design be contemporary or traditional? Choose an outdoor fireplace design that complements the style of your home and is sized proportionately to your backyard.

Special Features

Will you want a mantle? Do you want a big-screen TV over the mantle? Is a pizza oven a necessity? Do you want built-in wood storage? Built-in seating wall? These unique features can add to your enjoyment of your outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Materials

Natural stone, brick, and fire-safe concrete pavers are all options for building your outdoor fireplace. You might choose a combination of materials. It will depend on if you’ve opted for a custom design or are happy with an outdoor fireplace kit. Top manufacturers to consider include:

Choose materials that will complement your home and existing outdoor living area if you aren’t planning a major overhaul. If you’re starting with a clean slate, your options are nearly limitless.

Outdoor Fireplace Fuel Source

Once you’ve chosen an outdoor fireplace design that suits your style and the rest of your outdoor living space, you’ll need to ask yourself which fuel source is best for your area and lifestyle. Your options include the following:

  • Outdoor wood-burning fireplace
  • Outdoor gas fireplace (gas logs)
  • Outdoor propane fireplace

Wood is the traditional fuel source, but if you’re not a fan of wood smoke, you can opt for a natural gas-fueled fireplace or a propane-fueled fireplace. You’ll need to consider the added cost of running the gas line for a natural gas fireplace.

Are you ready to get started on your project? Be sure to work with professionals to reach the end product you deserve.

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Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

If you plan to upgrade your outdoor living space with a new outdoor fireplace, kitchen, or both, make it an exceptional experience. At Woodfield Outdoors, we design and build custom outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and custom patios our clients enjoy for years to come. 

The road to your outdoor oasis starts with hiring an outdoor living contractor who can give you the exceptional experience you deserve. That’s what we deliver. We provide custom design and installation services for homeowners throughout the Baltimore area, including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Harford County, and Howard County. Schedule a call today.


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