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Transform Your Backyard in 3 Simple Steps

Maryland summers are the perfect time to entertain outside and you don’t want your guests hanging out in a bland, boring environment.

Whether you spend your weekend outside barbequing with friends, lounging by the pool, or enjoying your own quiet backyard oasis, we have a few suggestions to spruce up your backyard!

How to Spruce Up Your Backyard

You don’t need to have a huge backyard to create a welcoming space, perfect for entertaining. Learn how to make the most out of the space you have!

1. Add pops of color

Adding color to your backyard can be the quickest way to make it seem more inviting.  There are a few different ways you can add color, depending on your space and budget!

  • Bright flowers Planting some bright colored flowers is an easy way to add color to your backyard. Flowerbeds that incorporate annuals, perennials, and shrubs can make beautiful focal points in your backyard, as well as liven up the space.
  • Colorful planters – Your new flowers need a home, so what better way to emphasize their natural beauty than by putting them into colorful planters? Flowers and even tropical plants like palm can really pop when put into a planter that has a complementary color.  Go bold – try an orange or teal planter this summer to turn your planter into a statement piece.
  • Benches and chairs – Painting old chairs or a bench to put in your backyard is a great way to add seating and break up the space using color. Make sure you use an outdoor paint and a sealant so the paint doesn’t chip away or fade as quickly in the sun

2. Add a water feature

  • Water features, like fountains, or even fish ponds are an easy way to turn your backyard from drab to fab!
  • Water features have a calming effect and help elevate any space.
  • They can also be useful to draw attention from unsightly features in your backyard, like overgrown grass.

3. Decorative Lighting

There are multiple ways to incorporate lighting into your outdoor setting.  Lights are not only a great safety feature to ward off intruders, but they also help create a warm, inviting atmosphere for visitors.

  • Glowing Flower Pots – A fun way to add lighting to your backyard is by painting your flower pots with glow-in-the-dark paint. This is an easy way to install lighting by walkways and on outdoor stair cases, while being decorative during the day too (use brightly colored flowers!).
  • Rope Lights – Installing outdoor rope lights along sidewalks can add ample lighting that is also safe and subtle during the day. These lights don’t take up space, so if you have limited outdoor space, they are a great way to add lights while conserving space. Rope lights also come in various colors, if you want to create mood lighting or accent colors after dark.
  • Light Clusters – Add clusters of lights near stairways and walkways creates warmth as well as decoration. Light clusters are also a good way to take up ground space next to sitting areas.
  • Hanging Lights – If you are very limited on space for decorating your backyard but still want to create a welcoming atmosphere, you can hang solar lights on outdoor basket hangers. Basket hangers can be purchased for cheap and solar lights are an ineffective way to have lighting, but save ground space.

If you want to turn your backyard into the ultimate summer oasis, contact Woodfield.  Our team of experts work with you to create a customized landscaping design that is sure to turn your yard into your personal paradise.

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