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Outdoor Living for Football Fans

Is Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for NFL Season? 

In the words of Hank Williams, Jr., Are you ready for some football??? We certainly are! The Washington Football Team is on the road on August 12 against the New England Patriots, and the Baltimore Ravens host the New Orleans Saints Saturday, August 14. If you don’t have tickets, you can recreate the feel and the atmosphere of the stadium by turning your outdoor living space into a football fan’s dream space. You may have some of these elements already. By adding the others. you’re all set for football season and beyond. We’ve put together a playbook that shows you what you need.

Play #1 The Big Screen TV

If you’re going to watch the game outside, you need to get a big-screen TV made for the outdoors. Let’s defer this play to the folks at the BBQ Guys and Popular Mechanics, both of who have reviewed the top TVs for your outdoor living space.  And in this scenario, the bigger, the better. You might also consider a projector for maximum effect.

Play #2 Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Serve Up the Food

Ideally, you place your outdoor TV where it can be seen from your outdoor kitchen, so you never miss a play. You can recreate the tailgate party experience right on your own patio. And guests never have to wait in line for food – it’s practically within arm’s reach. The biggest decision is what food you’re going to serve up.

Play #3 Add an Outdoor Bar

You can also add an outdoor bar to your outdoor living space, complete with draft beer, bottled beer, seltzers, wine, and even mixed drinks if you choose. Serve up beer and drinks in logo cups for added fan flair. By having the alcoholic beverages outside, no one has to run in and out of the house to replenish the cooler. Be sure to have some bottled water and sodas available as well.

Play #4 The Comfort Zone

Let’s face it. Bleachers and even stadium seating are not comfortable. But in your outdoor living space, you can choose the most comfortable outdoor seating, along with team logo pillows, fleece throws, and more.

Play #5 Bring the Heat

This is not so important in the preseason, where it will still be pretty warm. But plan now for chillier nights and afternoons. Get portable patio heaters or get the fire pit ready for the season. You may still want to wear your team beanie, scarf, fleece, and other logo gear, but you won’t have to pile on the layers like you would at a stadium game.

Play #6 Halftime Games

We know of people who have football goals set up in their backyard. If you’re not ready for that commitment, set up some portable games like cornhole and a football toss game to keep kids and adults alike occupied during halftime.

Play #7 Have Fun

This pretty much goes without saying if you’re a football fan, but relax and have fun. Your guests don’t expect you to be on your feet the entire game. Sit down and enjoy the game. You’ve earned it!

Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

Watch the big games from the comfort of your outdoor living area where you never have to wait in line for beer and the seating is much better. With a bunch of friends and the big screen TV, you can recreate the feel of the stadium without the travel time.

The design and build team here at Woodfield Outdoors can take your ideas and present you with 3D design renderings that show you what your project will look like when it’s complete. It’s all part of the Woodfield process.

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