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Classic Games to Play around Your Fire Pit

As we flip the calendar page to November, our thoughts turn more and more frequently to cozy afternoons and evenings by the fire pit. While you may use your fire pit in the summer for roasting marshmallows, or just as a place to gather and chat while others are in the pool, you may find yourself lighting a fire every night in November.

There’s something about the crackling of a wood fire, or the dancing flames from a propane fire pit. Fire was a necessity for our ancestors long ago, but today, it’s more of a comfort. If you want to gather round the fire pit with friends and family of all ages, these classic games will keep people involved and entertained.

Unless it’s just you and your family, consider wearing masks for these games, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

20 Questions

Most of us have played this game at least once. This is a good one to get people away from their phones – that would be cheating. The way it works is this – one person thinks of an object, and the other people take turns asking yes or no questions in an attempt to narrow down what the answer might be. If someone guesses in 20 questions or less, they get to come up with the next object to be guessed. If no one guesses, the person gets to go again with another object.

Keep in mind what age group you are playing with, as it’s not a lot of fun if younger players have never heard of a particular object.


This is a favorite, and if the person trying to get others to guess has to wear a mask, it will be even more challenging because you can’t see their facial expressions. Be sure to go over what all of the hand motions mean beforehand, so everyone knows if it’s a movie, song, person, etc. Set a time limit for how long a person has to act it out. The person who guesses correctly earns a point for themselves or their team. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Group Storytelling

This game is fun, and non-competitive. There is no winner or loser. The idea is for each person to add to a story. You may want to set a time limit. One person starts with a Once upon a time, or Once there was… sentence, and thn you go around the group and each person adds a sentence to embellish the story, until one person ends it with The End. The stories can get pretty hilarious or scary, depending on the group you’re with.

2 Truths and a Lie

If you’re wearing masks for this one, that’s a good thing. Many people who can’t keep a straight face when they’re lying, and so they give it away. Pick one person to start, and then they share 3 general facts about themselves, or about another topic. Two of the statements are factual, and the other one is a lie. The person who guesses the lie correctly goes next.

If you’re playing this game with people you’ve just met or don’t know very well, that’s a good time for the “facts” to be about them. If you’re playing with family, the “facts” can be about a broader topic.

Would You Rather

This game is another classic, just for fun activity. It can turn into hilarity, or into serious conversation, depending on the group you are playing with. The group takes turns asking each other “Would you rather… and each person answers. The choice could be between two positive things, or between two negative things.

This is also a good game to get to know more about people, even your family.

Concentration (The Alphabet Game)

This game focuses on player’s ability to pay attention, and on short term memory. You can come up with a theme, such as items you would buy in a grocery store. It’s also known as the Alphabet Game because each answer must start with the next letter of the alphabet. The first person names something starting with the letter A, such as apples. The next person says the A word and comes up with a B word, such as bananas.

Go around the group, continuing in this way. A game ends when someone gets to the letter Z successfully, or if they can’t remember all of the previous words, or can’t think of anything that starts with the letter they are on.

The main thing with all of these games is to have fun, and enjoy your fire pit. These games can be played anywhere, anytime, but are especially fun when you’re sitting around the fire.

Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

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