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Pool Closing & Winterization Package



Woodfield’s Pool Closing & Winterization Package helps you close your pool properly for the winter. Woodfield will install your cover, assess & prepare your equipment for winter & treat your pool with winter algaecides & stain inhibitors to prepare your pool for the cold weather.

Protecting your investment with proper close-down and maintenance assessment will not only keep your pool beautiful, it will keep your pool healthy and ready to be enjoyed by family and friends for years to come.


Pool Closing/Winterizing Service

  • Install owner’s pool cover
  • Add winter algaecides and stain inhibitor
  • Disassemble and store all pool deck equipment on the owner’s property
  • Drain (up to 50′ away) and winterize circulation, filtration, and heating systems
  • Assess pool equipment and ensure it is working properly
  • Lower water level to proper winterization level
  • Remove pool fittings/void all plumbing of water with compressed air and plugs
  • Clean salt cell (if one present) and dispose of leftover chlorine

Package Cost: $495

A pool is considered clean if the bottom is visible. Service contract only valid with clean pools. 

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